Describe Jesus Christ Tees :
JCT is essentially an organisation with the aim of spreading God's Word & His love through our designs. It is also us making use of our creativity and talents to do what we enjoy and simultaneously to attempt to make a positive contribution to God's Kingdom.

How do you go about creating a new collection?
Our designs are representative of the collective inspirations we have amassed in life. We expound on topics that is based on the Word and then add our two cents worth in designing a cool tee.

Afraid of Critiques?
We try to keep our critiques raw so that we can have thoughtful inspirational products. For God has called us to be the head not the tail, above not beneath. We persist on doing the best that we know how to and letting God handle the rest. Our persistence is fuelled by our passion and this passion we believe would take JCT to places where mediocrity can never hope to attain.

Your Muse or source of inspiration?
Our Lord and Saviour -- Jesus Christ
& someone who has left a footprint in my life.

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